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Killing Summer (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2017) – read more

Whiskey in the Garden of Eden (The Word Works, 2007)

D.C. Poets Against the War: An Anthology, co-editor with Michele Elliott and Danny Rose (Argonne House Press, 2004, out of print). You can read about the history of D.C. Poets Against the War at Beltway Poetry Quarterly.

Poems in Literary Journals

Essays and Op Eds

  • “We White Women All Have an Inner Karen — It’s past time to send her packing,” Movable Type (issue 1), the publication of 1455 Literary Arts (PDF – page 19 – please contact me for a Word version if the PDF is not accessible to you)
  • “Split This Rock: Celebrating 10 Years of Poetry, Witness, & Resistance,” The Writer’s Notebook
  • “To Insist on the Depth and Complexity of Our Lives,” VIDA Web
  • “There’s No Defending Founding Fathers Who Practiced Slavery, ” OtherWords
  • “Nuts to First Class: The growing class divide on airplanes looks a lot like America’s,” OtherWords
  • “The Intersection of Peril & Joy: Sarah Browning introduces Sharon Olds,” Blog This Rock
  • “A Crime Against Humanity Sent Me to Harvard,” OtherWords
  • Comments upon presenting the 2014 Busboys and Poets Award to Martín Espada, Busboys and Poets Blog
  • be loving ourselves/be sisters: Lucille Clifton Reminds Us that We are American Poetry,” Beltway Poetry Quarterly
  • “To Scratch Away a Silence: On the Work of Jake Adam York,” Pilot Light Journal
  • “Food for The Soul: Poetry That Pierces Injustice,” On The Issues Magazine


Sarah Browning pierces the veil of artifice. She lives, breathes and stands for justice; using poetry to create the larger conversation. Her poems may be of real world effects, or matters central to her spirit, yet we can count on each poem to be a line of inquiry that searches for truth in action. Part of a spirited community that is working for social justice, she remains highly individual, like any true artist.

Grace Cavalieri, Poet Laureate of Maryland
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